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9 – How to make a Splined Miter Joint .m4v This woodworking tutorial demonstrates how the spline miter joint is made on the table saw by using a woodworking jig designed exclusively for this joint . This splined miter joint is decorative and yet very strong. In this video a shop-made picture frame is used to illustrate the splined miter joints. Learn more, Experience more!
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3 Responses to “9 – How to make a Splined Miter Joint .m4v”

  1. AppJourneyman says:

    Thanks for the reminder! It seems to be a challenge keeping the remote away from glue.
    Make sure to use a sharp blade and use a backer to avoid tearout,

  2. melkoebes says:

    please make sure you do not get glue on your video remote ,
    still learning to cut these slots without chew-out

  3. alphaquasar says:

    dude, I need some narration here….. explain what you are doing.

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