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#5 – Audio Production Q&A with Dave Pensado

In the 5th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave hosts an all Q&A episode with tons of great viewer questions! With Part 2/2 of the latest “Into The Lair”, Dave takes you through some tools he used on the mix for “Shorty is a Weirdo” by Mr. Midwest and Ray J. Get a behind the scene look at how your favorite songs were mixed and the tools that were used by Dave! 3:20 Into The Lair 3:50 Metric Halo Channel Strip 4:00 Waves CLA-76 compressor 4:33 McDSP FutzBox 4:49 Waves L1 Limiter 5:20 Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter 5:45 Massey De:Esser 6:07 Bass plugins: Waves GTR Stomp Box Waves GTR Amp Waves RBass Kick Drums: 6:45 Focusrite d3 Waves PuigTec EQP1A Slate Digital Trigger Hi Hat EQ: EMI TG12414 Live Drum parallel compression Plug-Ins: Waves CLA 76 Waves PuigTec EQP1A Waves CLA 3A Focusrite d3 McDSP Filterbank P4 Waves SSL E-Channel Strip Digi Comp Lim Dyn3 API 550A Waves HComp 12:28 Guitars Plug-ins: Waves L1 Limiter Waves GTR Stomp Box Effects 14:10 Organ Plug-Ins: McDSP E6 Waves Center Waves Enigma 15:40 Corner Office 16:22 Dave talks about the best way to use this show and how not get too caught up in the specific details, but to grasp higher concepts. 18:35 Dave tells viewers about his RTA (Real Time Analyzer) -Audio Control Real Time Analyzer 19:54 Converters: -The difference between top of the line converters is negligible -Dave’s favorite converters: HD IO ( Lynx Aurora ( 21:00 Antelope Clock (Dave feels he gets a slightly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “#5 – Audio Production Q&A with Dave Pensado”

  1. TheMjobiz says:

    hello dave i just want to know what type of effect is on jays vocal ?? is it vocoder?

  2. coryosiris66 says:

    Shorty youz a wierd O…

  3. Nightowl427272 says:

    This show just blows my mind. Route a low-range vocal’s reverb send through a pitched-up harmonizer? I would have never though of that. Awesome! I’m only on Episode 5 so far but I’m going to watch every single other one…

  4. TheShaunRyan says:

    haha no short cuts folks. Like all professions put the work and doors will be presented. then you have to figure out how to open them.

  5. Zane Shoemake says:

    There must have been a different guy EQ the vocals on this episode…

  6. phatgamer69 says:

    This show is absolutely incredible, as an audio student it’s incredible inspiring to get to hear from such knowledgable professionals! I learn just as much watching your show as I do in class.

  7. MrVizionary2012 says:

    Think he made an excellent point…tons of little things make one big difference..thank you.

  8. MrVizionary2012 says:

    that before and after was incredible.

  9. Customdigi says:

    Is this court-ordered community service or something? Did Pensado plea down a murder rap or something? Such thoughtful shows and outstanding guests. Awesome, and thank you.

  10. IamJMCardoso says:

    LOVE IT!!! thx Pensado’s place

  11. dm32194 says:

    Do they teach you this stuff at a art institute?????? in my case the art institute of san diego…..

  12. VirtualMark2 says:

    he said he appreciates us watching.. we appreciate you doing it! thanks for making these vids, interesting stuff.

  13. Snorre Busch says:

    Thanx :D 

  14. marcuelcajon says:

    Excellent episode!

  15. BloodShotNow says:

    Ray J sounds so gay. I hope there’s a tutorial where Pensado cover’s a Rock Song. THere’s a reason The Beatles Sold the MOST ALBUMS of all time and T-Pain didn’t

  16. SwitchUpBroadcast says:

    awesome thanks!

  17. Colin Fichman says:

    what is that crazy light on the desk @8:40 ?

  18. VenVile says:

    You guys ROCK!

  19. Downbeat1984 says:

    that was stereo btw and i used a 414 as figure 8 and a beta 57 on top for drum over heads and it was amazing

  20. Downbeat1984 says:

    For wider stero sounds you can use mid side: Have a figure 8 for your 180 degree pick up and place a cardioidon top to capture the front side. To decode in a daw, sinply have 2 audio channels each dedicated to the figure 8 mic (pan hard left) and the cardioid (pan in middle), duplicate the figure 8 track and insert an eq or gain plug in or any eith phase reverse, hit the phase button ont he duplicated track and pan it hard right, soudns amazing if both mics are drasticlly different sounding

  21. Felippe Senne says:


  22. Ymanalo says:

    I love Pensado Place

  23. biostunes says:

    Pensado´s Place HD and i dont need anything more

  24. JackDanielz7 says:

    this is some great info
    thnx for the tips

  25. samwillis6 says:

    awesome! thanks so much for doing this dave, so informative and useful!

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