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See the full Lets Play Minecraft Show for more Minecraft with Lori! ➜ Buy cool Minecraft stuff here ➜ ➜ Let’s Play Minecraft – Part 9▼ In this episode of Minecraft, we’re still building our home and finally making some progress, the roof is finished on the outside of the building and looks pretty sexy if I do say so myself! (: =-=-=-=-= Links =-=-=-=-= Make a donation! – Follow me on Twitter! – Like my Facebook! – GoodMorningCraft Texture Pack Download Link – =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ► Minecraft ▼ Minecraft revolves around one simple principal: survival. The game is split into day and night cycles. During the day, you spend time gathering resources, whether it be searching for ore, digging holes, fishing or planting crops. Night is spent either indoors, mining underground tunnels, building tools or running around outside being chased by monsters. Genre➜ First-Person Action Publisher➜ Mojang Developer➜ Mojang

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25 Responses to “❤ Lori Plays Minecraft – Part 9 [What a Sexy Roof!] w/ Lori”

  1. bubblegumbubblegum13 says:

    She sounds like Lola from loony toons :3

  2. tomiri30 says:

    I have a cat his name is taz I used to have two but he died his name was spaz there both boys

  3. Irishprincess2002 says:

    Omg sexy freaking roof

  4. Ryan Davidson says:

    i gd at maths if ya want i can help ya over chat or skpe

  5. sparxcommander says:

    I like it keep up content like this and you might have a new subscriber! :)

  6. c3Td says:

    sexy roof

  7. c3Td says:

    :) awesome lots of minecrafters that do happy wheels laugh their faces off

  8. lucy kennedy says:

    when are you going to do part 10 im bored so i wana watch it lol !!! :) <3

  9. bfosmore98 says:

    who inspired you to make youtube videos

  10. NINTENDOlp says:

    house is looking good

  11. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    haha, we will see! (:

  12. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    I very well might do so! (:

  13. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:


  14. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    haha, I’ll find a use for them I’m sure ;D
    Ohgoodgod I would have freaked OUT xD

  15. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    My dogs and cat are both pretty smart, they just do stupid, and annoying things quite often xD
    Studying should be my middle name, I can study all freaking day long and it wouldn’t bother me xD aah well thank you! Though I really doubt you’ll have a chance to forget because i can guarentee my videos will that week will be me going “OMGSACT!OMGSACT!OMGACT!” xD

  16. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    haha just wait until you see the most recent videos I recorded, the house looks amazingly beautiful with my new texture pack! (:
    Those are squids in the water, they look a bit odd, don’t they? xD

  17. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    hehe, you literally read my mind :p

  18. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    Wow…XDD That is freaking amazing xD

  19. XxxGamerChick26xxX says:

    Thanks a bunch! <3

  20. fuusok says:

    you should do a pink floor with purple edges and write LORI with red in the middle :D

  21. c3Td says:

    Try happy wheels

  22. AltoSaxophoneGuy says:

    you should get the Dokucraft texture pack :D

  23. Jake0007 says:

    Guess you could use those half slabs to make slots to shoot enemies outside your house. xD Happy that Endermen didn’t see you and materialize on top of your roof.

  24. Spazzman299 says:

    Your lucky to have a smart animal allmy dogs are stupid. One isn’t stupid but whines when he can’t get his own way.

    I never used to study but got good grades anyway. My attention span is too low to sit there and do something i don’t want to do.

    I’ll say good luck on your test now since I’ll no doubt forget when the time comes closer.

  25. ItzLuckful says:

    WOW! That house has come a really long way since I last saw it. It looks awesome! Also, are they spiders or squids? Either way you are probably wise not to go out there. Its interesting watching this as I don’t watch minecraft and have not played it, keep up the series Lori :)

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